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Department of Psychology,  Faculty of Education, Charles University

Myslíkova 7

110 00 Praha 1

We are located about a 7-minute walk away from the main building of the Faculty of
Education, heading towards the river. Our street is perpendicular to the one leading to Mánes Gallery.

The lecturers’ offices are located on the 4th floor (5th floor if you’re counting the ground floor). After entering the building, you pass the reception desk and you can use the elevator or the staircase, which will be on your left.


Secretariat office



How to find us

+420 221 900 544

The nearest tram stop (Myslíkova) is ca. 150 meters away; the following 3 tram stops (Jiráskovo náměstí, Lazarská, Karlovo náměstí) are also relatively close by.

The faculty building is also within walking distance from the metro B – Karlovo náměstí and Národní třída stations (both about 7 minutes). You can also use these websites to plan your trip: or